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Wait on the lord!



Kristene DiMarco - Take Courage

Why wait?

So you have thought of every reason to leave this earth, but have you thought about why to stay?  First of all the enemy is placing those thoughts in your head.  He wants you to feel overwhelmed and be in darkness and feel like there is no end to the darkness.  He doesn't want you to know that you have the right and authority to cast him and his evil off of you and out of your life.  He doesn't want you to know that if you accept Jesus into your life that you will be protected from him and feel joy and peace. 

(Revelation 12:11) "And they overcame him by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony ..." 

 Do you realize that you were placed here for a reason? Out of all the times in history that you could have been here on earth, God chose NOW!     You feel rejected - lonely - betrayed - forgotten, by who? By other people that's who.  Because of them you think, God, the Father and creator of the universe has forgotten you? Impossible! Not so! He knows the very number of hairs on your head, it's His breath in your lungs, how could He forget you when He loves you so deeply?  He couldn't.

 (Luke 12:7, Genesis 2:7)  

He even saves your tears in a bottle because everything about you matters to Him! (Psalm 56:8)

What you are doing is determining your own value based on what other people do and say, instead of by the price paid for you!  Remember the value of something is determined by the price paid for it.  Jesus gave His life, He shed His Blood for YOU!!  Stop looking to others to know who you are and how important you are, but look to the very One Who created you.  He created you because He loves you - He knew you before the foundation of the world and loved you even though He knew you would be the way you are.  He created you to have a relationship with you. 

I once heard Todd White say that God freed him from himself, so that means He freed him from others. What a great way to look at the freedom Jesus provides for you. When you get freed from yourself you stop looking at yourself and your own fleshly desires that are controlled by the enemy. In fact it's the enemy who is prompting you to decide to leave this earth by your own hand.  So, at this moment you should command that evil to leave you in Jesus' name.  Then  focus on the glory of God and all He has done and is still doing.  When you do that and focus on how you can serve Him - what others think of you really no longer matters!

So why should you stay? Because you are important, you matter and this darkness you are feeling is not from God but the enemy.  

God brought you to us for a reason.

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No one is better off without you.  If you have no friends to speak with, call us!  We care!  We wouldn't have this website if we didn't.  Circumstances may not change over night but they will change for the better.  One thing you can change this moment are your thoughts.  You have complete control over what you choose to think and how you choose to view things.  We are here for you!